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Safeguard your home                                                             Don’t take chances with your biggest investment – your home. Make sure your foundation is protected top to bottom from flash floods, melting snow, mildew or moisture from any source. Georgetown Waterproofing Inc. has experience and expertise to protect your home or place of business. Call on us for expert waterproofing work and professional service.


Protect your business

Whether you own, rent or lease your business headquarters, you have plenty to lose from water damage. Moisture can ruin or destroy your entire stock, supplies, sales displays, flooring, furniture, important forms and paperwork. Water issues also lead to loss of business, time and customers. Once water seeps in, the destruction to your property goes beyond what the eye can see. Dangerous molds and residue left behind, even after clean-up, can cause you to lose everything. Prevent these water damage aggravations by allowing us to waterproof your foundation today! 

Georgetown waterproofing

Waterproofing makes sense

Are you worried about keeping your house dry and comfortable for your family? Do you want to protect your finished basement or business office from water damage? We can help protect you from spring floods to summer surges, rainy falls, or freezing winters with tons of snow that thaws into running rivers. Georgetown Waterproofing has you covered!

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