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High Quality Products

Georgetown Waterproofing uses the finest waterproofing product grades available, including Watchdog H3 from Tremco, Green Jacket Drain Board and Chem Link Coatings. Our drain boards, sealants, barrier systems, coatings, glazing, and waterproofing materials are the best in the business. All the products we use to solve your problems meet environmental standards and comply with OSHA and other requirements.

TREMCO/Watchdog H3

Tremco Barrier Solutions is committed to offering outstanding technical service support by providing product information and tools to help our customers succeed on the job site. Our highly trained technical service representatives are available to assist applicators, contractors, architects and engineers with project designs and applications. 

Watchdog waterproofing  

Stays where it’s sprayed to maintain consistent coverage of 40 mils cured and deliver hydrostatic head resistance up to 3 times greater than other asphalt-emulsion waterproofing products. 

  • WATCHDOG H3 now provides up to 3x more hydrostatic head pressure resistance than other polymer modified asphalt emulsions!

  • Get reliable, high-performing foundation protection to meet your exact needs.

  • WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING® seals out water penetration with a flexible, seamless membrane. 

  • The membrane is 40 mils thick when cured – at least four times thicker than a typical dampproofing application.

  • It's spray-applied by Select Barrier Solutions Contractors to seamlessly bridge foundation settling cracks and seal out water penetration.



watchdog waterproofing

NovaLink™ WM - Liquid Waterproof Membrane

NovaLink™ WM is a cold applied, single component, waterproofing membrane that cures by exposure to atmospheric and substrate moisture to form a continuous, tough, reinforced elastic seal. NovaLink is solvent free and compliant with all known environmental and OSHA requirements. It can be used in confined spaces without respiratory protection. NovaLink WM cures to an elastomeric rubber that is resistant to thermal shock. It will not crack in extreme cold or slump due to softening and high temperatures like conventional asphalt or coal tar-based coatings often will.



  • Patented polyether technology. Superior performance compared to standard black waterproofing products

  • Application by trowel, roller or squeegee: No need for kettles or torching

  • Superior adhesion to standard construction materials including concrete, wood, and metal

  • Non-toxic, no solvents: no odor, non-flammable, no risk to workers or building inhabitants. Compliant with all environmental and OSHA requirements

  • Cures on contact with moisture

  • Applies down to 35°F (2°C)

  • 100% solids: won’t shrink or slump


Chemlink-BARR-Georgetown waterproofing
  • Green Jacket is a ‘Green’ product with 70% post-industrial recycled raw materials, ie. Drink bottles, synthetic carpets, and packaging materials. This product can be 100% recycled back into synthetic fibers. 


  • Green Jacket is safe for basement insulation: Molds and mildews need organic materials such as fiberglass, wood, and dry wall to grow, Green Jacket made of P.E.T is not organic material, therefore not a food source and does not support mold growth. It also does not absorb liquids or moisture or give off formaldehyde vapors into the living environment, making your living space a safe place for your family.


  • Green Jacket is user friendly and safe: Workers installing fiberglass must wear a mask to protect their lungs from breathing in tiny glass like fibers that break off during installation. The synthetic fiber used for Green Jacket does not break off and become airborne, because they are heat bonded together making it safe for workers.


  • Green Jacket is durable and hard wearing. Back fill procedures damage most foundation drainage boards through heavy stress of dirt and abrasive rock shooters. The primary purpose of a protection board is to protect the waterproofing membrane layer and to provide a medium of drainage for water to the footer drain system. The gravel shoot test was performed to show that there is a substantial difference between Green Jacket made of (polyester fibers) and fiberglass ridged board, used for waterproofing protection. Both fiberglass products of different manufactures were badly damaged to the point of breaking through, and the Green Jacket withstood the abrasive rocks with only a depression in the material, but no tears or damage to the board. 


  • DRAINAGE FLOW RATE 270 Gallons per hour with our 2" drain board.

  • Green Jacket is a Polyester Synthetic Fiber Product and Resistant
    to UV Rays! Builders can keep foundations open and exposed to UV rays up to 30 days during construction.
     This causes breakdown in fiberglass boards which results in it being less durable and unable to withstand back fill abuse. It also reduces drainage and insulation values.


  • Green Jacket offers R-Values (R-3, R-5, R-10) C-516 ASTM.

green jacket drain board, georgetown waterproofing

Green Jacket Drain Board

Green Jacket™ insulation, drainage and protection board is the most versatile product currently available for our industry. Made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) Polyester Synthetic fibers, it is tough enough to withstand rock slingers, thus protecting the sensitive waterproofing membrane. UV rays do not break down PET fibers unlike fiberglass products. In addition, because it is made from 70% postindustrial recycled products, Green Jacket™ is an eco-friendly, “green” product. 


M-1® Universal Adhesive/Sealant

M-1 adheres to a wide range of construction materials including PVC, EPDM, most metals, wood, glass, masonry concrete, fiberglass and solvent-sensitive foams so it is works in almost any situation requiring a sealant. Yet it delivers nearly 400 psi shear strength and remains elastic after cure—up to 300% elongation, so it also performs as a structural adhesive.


  • Masonry and concrete: Crack repairs, horizontal and vertical expansion joints, bonding metal brackets.


  • Mechanical: Sealing ducts, insulation, flanges and piping Sealing termination bars.



M-1 liquid

Monarch Window Wells


Monarch egress windows add natural light to basements and provide a safe escape.

Add value to your basement today with Monarch's egress window systems!


Monarch's basement egress window systems distinguish lower-level living areas from traditional basements by providing sunlight, escape, security, and comfort.


They do more than meet and exceed building codes. They connect basements to natural light and the outdoors.

Structurally tested and meticulously manufactured to withstand the rigors of poured concrete, and the stress of jobsite activity. They meet and exceed IRC egress requirements.

*Available with ladders and cover options. 

Georgetown Monarch windows Wells
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